From Stylish Hairstyles To Getting Bald, These 12 Hollywood Personalities Changed Geat Deal

Sometime back, the bald Hollywood actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson tweeted something funny about his hair. He said, “Why I luv GIFs. I’m not bald because I went bald. I’m bald because my hair is a cross between an afro and hair from a Lama’s ball sac #TheU.”

Most male celebrities in Hollywood had lustrous hair when they were young. But as their age advanced, their hairline receded and they became bald.

There are two steps, which celebrities take when they become bald. One is that they wear hairpiece or wig. The other is they prefer to remain bald and enact roles without wearing wigs.

The ones who wear wig have a hard time in accepting that they are losing hair. But, for some stars, the losing of hair has been a good sign as their looks improved and so did their demand.

WittyFeed brings you a list of globally acclaimed celebrities who went bald with age.

1. Dwayne Johnson

Bald Hollywood celebrities

The Rock had a great bunch of hair on his head before entered wrestling. But as the time passed, Dwayne chose to accept his baldness. And let me tell you, he looks great. But for most of us, it will be a hard to imagine that he once had a thick crop of hair.

2. Bruce Willis

Bald Hollywood celebrities

He is another star who became the victim of early baldness but he has shown men that great hair are not necessary for good looks.

3. Vin Diesel

Bald Hollywood celebrities

Though he has done some movies where he used wigs, he has been seen without hair in several movies.

4. Samuel L Jackson

Bald Hollywood celebrities

He has been seen wearing hair pieces in many films, but he does not prefer them. Once he said, “The only way I’m gonna have time to grow my hair back is if I’m not working.”

5. Danny DeVito

Bald Hollywood celebrities

He is one of those people who did not have thick hair from the start. But he is a much sought after actor.

6. Billy Zane

Bald Hollywood celebrities

He is one person on this list who suffered a sudden hair loss. This is how Billy Zane looked earlier.

7. Patrick Stewart

Bald Hollywood celebrities

Many people wonder whether Patrick Stewart had hair at all? But still, I managed to find one of his pictures of his young age. And guess what, he had hair back then.

8. Ed Harris

Bald Hollywood celebrities

He is also one of those actors who suffered from hair loss at an early age.

9. Jason Statham

Bald Hollywood celebrities

We never saw his hair until I searched for this picture.

10. Woody Harrelson

Bald Hollywood celebrities

This is how ‘Now You See Me’ actor looked when he had a thick crop of hair.

11. Howie Mandel

Bald Hollywood celebrities

The America’s Got Talent judge had a thick, curly hair. He lost them at an early age. But he doesn’t seem to have problems with how he looks now.

12. Ben Kingsley

Bald Hollywood celebrities

I really had to go back in time to find this picture of Ben with hair.

That’s all, folks!

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